Economic Calendar

The Foreign Exchange or Forex calendar is an informative event based economic calendar which traders utilize to keep track of upcoming international financial news. An FX calendar has vital information for past and future economic events of various countries and is often clue the savvy trader in on possible price fluctuations of selected currency pairs. … Continue reading "Economic Calendar"

What Is An Economic Calendar?

What Is An Economic Calendar? An economic calendar displays the key economic data for the selected days. It can be a very helpful tool as you may want to take an action (buy or sell) at a particular time when the data is particularly strong. You can select multiple currencies and multiple countries for analysis. … Continue reading "What Is An Economic Calendar?"

A Guide For Forex Trading

A Guide For Forex Trading Forex trading is the process of trading currencies in the Forex market in order to make a profit. The foreign exchange market is basically an over-the-Counter market for the foreign trading of specific currencies. This market determines international exchange rates for each currency traded. It also includes all aspects of … Continue reading "A Guide For Forex Trading"

How Does an Economic Calendar Work?

How Does an Economic Calendar Work? An economic calendar is utilized by traders to track market-moving news events, including monetary policy developments and economic indicators. Market-migrating events, which are usually formally released or announced in some sort of report, carry a high risk of negatively affecting the foreign exchange markets. Consequently, investors should evaluate the … Continue reading "How Does an Economic Calendar Work?"