The British Economic Calendar

The main features of the British economic calendar are set out in schedule E which is used by most financial institutions, trade-specific organizations, and other trading entities. That is, they use the United Kingdom’s official economic calendar as a basis for their own calendars. Other countries may use similar calendars as a basis for their … Continue reading "The British Economic Calendar"

Oil Sands and the Analysis

Oil Sands and the Analysis An analysis for oil and gas is not a one-off expenditure. A large scale drilling is required to tap out the oil and gas deposits. Cost per tonne can be more expensive than natural gas but costs in the long run are less and may be recouped by making money … Continue reading "Oil Sands and the Analysis"

How to Go About Forex Trading

Understanding how to go about Forex trading may seem impossible at first. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, it will become very easy for you to start trading in the foreign exchange market. Forex trading is a financial market where two major financial institutions, namely banks and central banks, trade currencies in the hopes … Continue reading "How to Go About Forex Trading"

Is it Safe to Use a “Analysis For Oil” Site?

  Is it Safe to Use a "Analysis For Oil" Site? Some people believe that you don't need to be an oil analyst to do good Analysis for Oil. Others believe that if you don't have a degree in oil analyzing, you still can learn the techniques of the trade through self-study. What's the truth?

Using the Analysis for Oil Recovery Method to Find Out Information

  Using the Analysis for Oil Recovery Method to Find Out Information During the whole drilling process, the work done on a well site may result in good or bad Analysis for Oil Recovery (AOR). It is more often than not the client's request or requirement dictates the technique adopted to achieve the desired result.