Analysis For Oil

Oil analysis involves evaluating the physical and chemical properties of crude oil. This process is done with equipment such as hydrometers, Ubbelohde viscometers, and automatic pour point/cloud point testers. It can also involve chemical analysis involving a X-ray fluorescence sulfur content analyzer and a distillation gas chromatograph. Analysis for oil can be used to identify … Continue reading "Analysis For Oil"

How an Economic Calendar Affects EUR/USD Trading

An economic calendar tracks market-moving events that affect the financial markets. These events include monetary policy decisions and economic indicators. Investors use economic calendars to follow these events because they have a high probability of impacting the financial markets. Below are some examples of market-moving events. In addition to these, there are also events that … Continue reading "How an Economic Calendar Affects EUR/USD Trading"

The Importance of Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is performed to determine the chemical and physical properties of crude oil. This includes the viscosity and the moisture content of the oil. It also includes other tests, such as FTIR spectroscopy or particle count. The tests performed are dependent on the originating component and environmental conditions. These tests often include chemical analysis, … Continue reading "The Importance of Oil Analysis"

What is Forex Trading?

When you trade currencies on the Forex market, you are entering a contract to buy or sell a currency for a future date at a fixed exchange rate. This is known as a long position. The trade is complete when you sell the currency back to the market for a higher price than you paid … Continue reading "What is Forex Trading?"